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Half Term Full Of Fun!


Half term is almost over and we had LOTS of fun!  In three words- outdoors, friends and Mister Maker.

 There are many things I love in England and one of these is- the weather! I`m not sure about the summer though but the rest of the year is nice and warm (compared to Estonia). So as we have had lots of  nice autumn days we have been out a lot. 

We also had many playdates. Annabel loved visiting her friends and seeing them in our house.

And of course Mister Maker! Every day we watched Mister Maker`s new episodes “Mister Maker Comes To Town”.  In fact- each episode many times! Annabel loves EVERYTHING in this show- Mister Maker, The Shapes, Tocky, “colour kids”.. and of course all the makes. She said that she is not called Annabel anymore.. she is now Mister Maker Annabel. I have never seen such a passion in her before!

This nose is one of Mister Maker`s ” Minute Make`s”. To make it you need an eggbox, some feathers and some elastic. Take a piece of an egg box, make holes in both sides.. feed the elastic through, glue some feathers underneath the nose.. and voila! And if you have more time you can paint the nose as well :)

2 comments on “Half Term Full Of Fun!

  1. Efka
    October 31, 2010

    Annabelil on nii lahe vanker.
    Ja muidugi tõelised printsessi juuksed :)

    • mermaid
      November 1, 2010

      Aitäh. Vanker on lahe jah. See on oma 40 a vana. Saime selle tegelt juba paar aastat tagasi, aga see vaker on ysna suur ja raske lükata.. alles nüüd on tüdrukul piisavalt jõudu :) Ja muidugi tahtmist ka. Ta enne polnud eriline nukufänn.

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