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Getting Ready for Christmas

Our dolls are preparing  for Christmas. Yes, they have a christmas tree up already. But what they did not have was a big dining table. They do want to have all their friends around for  Christmas Eve.

So I took two empty milk cartons, cut off the top part and stapled them together.

I painted the legs of the table green (using acrylic paint) and glued fabric on top. This way the table looks nicer and helps to keep the tablecloth in place.  And of course the dolls have a lovely Christmassy tablecloth.


Did you notice the little  chairs? Well it took me ages to make a couple as we don`t drink champagne.  After seeing these at Lilla A  I kept my eyes open and at my sisters birthday party I was able to grab some wires.  New Year`s Eve is coming and everybody is going to have champagne anyway.. so feel free to send me some wires :D I need twelve chairs.


It was busy at the dollshouse tonight.  After putting up the Christmas tree everybody had a cup of tea and Annabel thought that the dogs would love a piece of cake. (I haven`t got a good camera, so the picture is not good).

And guess who is peeping through the window? Yes- it`s Päkapikk. Annabel asks me almost every day when she can put her slipper onto thewindow sill. Just one month to wait…


4 comments on “Getting Ready for Christmas

  1. lilla a
    October 30, 2010

    Haha, well you should give a champagne party, just to get some more chairs!

    • mermaid
      October 30, 2010

      I`m counting on New Year`s Eve :)

  2. pam
    October 26, 2010

    Pakapikk? Tell me about Pakapikk please, please, please!

    I can see the light was tricky for taking this and just barely make out the tree. I love your Christmas house.

    • mermaid
      October 27, 2010

      Päkapikks are Father Christmas`es helpers. They live in the North Pole and in December they start peeping through the windows to see if the children have behaved well or not. And if they have been good, the päkapikks will leave little sweets or presents in the slippers that the kids have put onto the window sill.

      Children can also put a note into the slippers for Father Christmas. A päkapikk will deliver the letters and Father Christmas might even write back :D I was actually thinking of doing the “letter exchange” this year to encourage Annabel to read and write

      I don`t know how old this Päkapikk tradition is. We did not have it when I was a kid (about 100 years ago :D ).. but I have been speaking to my friends who are in their 30ies and they said they had the Päkapikk tradition.

      It is quite popular nowadays. The Päkapikks even visit children in the nurseries. Yes, they do only visit when the children are asleep.. and in Estonia, kids up to 7 have a nap during the day.

      And in some families even grown ups get pressies.. well it`s up to the different families how they organize it.

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