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Ladybirds- Lepatriinud

Annabel got her annual report today. She is doing very well at school.  There were lots of topics this year, but according to the report… She loves minibeasts – making models of them and hunting for them at schools and on a school nature trip.  And this is the same Annabel who is terrified of everything except for worms!  ( I love the word “minibeast“, it sounds funny, doesn`t it? )

For this minibeast we took a paper plate. We drew legs onto the plate and cut it out. Then we drew a head and antennae.. cut them out as well. Coloured everything, using pastels. (We will need  to cover them with  hair spray later). To glue the ladybird`s body together we put some glue only on the top of the body.. this way they stand up nicely. And finally we glued the head and antennae, and eyes, and drew a nice smiley mouth.

Do your kids love minibeasts?

2 comments on “Ladybirds- Lepatriinud

  1. mermaid
    July 12, 2010

    No meil pole siin ei veekogu, ei metsa :S
    Sel nädalal on ilm ok.. eelmisel oli kuum jah. Aga yldiselt ma ei kurda.. või tegelt kurdan kyll.. soojem võiks olla :)

  2. Siilike
    July 12, 2010

    Väga vahvad! Kas teil seal Inglismaal polegi ilmad väga palavad ja suvised, et teil aega veel meisterdamisega tegeleda? Meil siin palavus tahab hinge seest röövida ja hetkel on võimalik end inimesena tunda vaid veekogu ääres ja sügavas metsas:)

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