Mermaids` Makings

Beautiful ballerinas- kaunid balleriinid


Annabel started dance school two months ago. It is our second attempt. Last autumn we went to another dance school  and she decided after the first lesson that she didn’t want to go there anymore. Luckily this time it is different. She loves it there!  And I love sitting on the grass on  sunny days, listening to the piano playing  and watching all these lovely ballerinas in pink, dancing. The doors of a dance school are  open when it is hot. Don`t know what I will do in the winter during this an hour and half when Annabel is in dance school though. Probably go to the pub nearby :D

About the drawings- we made the background a few weeks ago. A good friend of mine sent us a box full of glitter glue tubes. All different colors and sparkling! So Annabel just “glued” the background. After drawing these lovely ballerinas I cut them out and Annabel glued them onto the paper. We took rectangular shaped pink tissue paper and made lovely tutus by scrunching up one edge of the tissue paper.

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July 2010

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