Mermaids` Makings

Lovely weather, friends and gardens

As the weather has been quite good lately, we have spent lots of time outside. A couple of months ago we met an Estonian family living in the same town. They have a three year old daughter. So we spend lots of time together now.. in the playgrounds, theme parks, animal farms.. or just visiting each other. I am so glad we have got such  good friends. And Annabel is very happy too.

When we are not out with our friends we spend time in our little but very lovely garden. We have planted lots of beautiful flowers and Annabel has got a little vegetable garden. Annabel loves comparing different seeds and watching how plants grows. I have a little surprise for her for tomorrow.. Two little elves are going to live in our flower bed :) Have I mentioned that both of my parents are gardenerrs? I haven`t got green fingers though. But I love gardening. I love lots of things I`m not good at :D

We started our gardening with this little wall basket Annabel got for Christmas from her Auntie Ruth. Two lots of seeds came with the basket- peas and beans. The beans didn`t come out but the peas are growing nicely. We have put the peas into a grow bag now and lovely red flowers give us cheer every morning in this squirrel basket.


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