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Shrove Tuesday- Vastlapäev

Shorove Tuesday is a very long awaited day in Estonia. We don`t eat pancakes on that day- we eat Lenten buns instead . We also have pea or bean soup, salted beans and pig`s trotters on that day and go sledding!!!  For the last few years it has been a wonderful winter with lots of snow.. perfect for vastlaliug– sledding downhill.  In olden days it was believed that he who went the longest distance  would grow the longest flax. Nowadays it is just a saying… but people do compete to see who travels farthest.

It was also believed that if you cut your hair at Vastlapäev your hair would grow very nice and thick. And you were supposed to comb your hair seven times on that day.

It was a day when old maids could make  marriage proposals.. and saying “no” wasn`t usually allowed :D

Fortune telling was also quite popular. After eating left over pig bones people wrote girls’ names on the bones. Then they let in their dog and the person whose named bone was first to appear, chose the one who got married.

A very popular game was Vurr (I don`t know the english word for it. If anybody knows let me know :) ) and it still is. In olden times a pig bone was used to make a vurr.. but soon it was replaced with a big button.

Take the button and some cotton. Feed the cotton through the holes in the button as shown on the picture. Now start spinning around (quite a few times) and when you feel it is enough start pulling the cotton with both hands. Hope it made sense :)

Here is a video of how to make Vurr from pig bone,and at the end of the video you can see some sledding.

2 comments on “Shrove Tuesday- Vastlapäev

  1. mermaid
    March 15, 2010

    See on tegelikult lihtne, kui nipi kätte saad. Meil ka tüdruk ise ei saa hakkama. Aga minu kõrval oli kyll huviga. Mu meelest on see nii armas tegevus, mida teha korra aastas.. vastlakuklite söömise kõrval :)

    Tahaks tegelt päris luust ka proovida.

  2. katarina
    March 15, 2010

    Meie lapsed said need n00bivurrid Londoni Eesti Koolist. Aga nad ei oska neid ise k2ima panna ja pole huvi. Endalgi l2ks tykk aega enne kui t00le hakkas.

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