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Dollies, dollies, dollies…

When I visited my friend Karin in Pärnu a couple of years ago she taught me to make a simple dolly. It was so easy to make and looked very lovely so I thought  I would make more of them. But of course I forgot about it. Two weeks ago I found this little dolly in my drawer and decided to have a go straight away.

As I had forgotten how to make it  I took  the dolly apart. I saw that  Karin had used a  simple hair clip for attaching the hair to the head. Body, arms and legs were made out of pipe cleaners. I only used pipecleaners. Then I wrapped the body, legs and arms with pink yarn. And the dress is very easy to make as well. Just cut a rectangle shape out of fabric and then cut a little circle for the head.

The two dollies in front are a present for two little girls in Estonia.  I did not draw the faces because I am not happy with my drawings. I thought that they would do a better job :)

2 comments on “Dollies, dollies, dollies…

  1. Pandora
    February 11, 2010

    The dolls are great.

  2. ritsik
    February 11, 2010

    Oo, sul olid need veel meeles :D
    Väga kenasti on sul välja tulnud, nii rõõmsad ja armsad tegelased!

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February 2010

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