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Learning about fruit and veg

I got this postbox idea whilst seeing a  speech therapist  with my daughter. You can make all sorts of games using postboxes.  In our case it´s  a “Learning about Fruit and Veg” game. I looked for  line drawing pictures on the net, printed them out and coloured them in. Then Annabel helped me to laminate them. We made postboxes out of washing powder cartons.. they are brilliant  because they are very strong.

First of all  we named and sorted the fruit and vegetables. We posted the fruit into the red box and the vegetables into the green one. Then we put a teddy bear behind the red box and a little sheep behind the green one and we started to feed the animals. I asked Annabel to give a banana to the teddy bear and a cucumber to the sheep. Later the instruction became more difficult. We played this game in turns so Annabel gave me istuctions as well. It really was fun.

The cards are in both languages, so it is interesting for my husband to play as well. Although it was boring for me :D as I knew all the words.. maybe we should add German  (and/or  French) as my husband speaks them both.

5 comments on “Learning about fruit and veg

  1. Ene-Ly
    February 24, 2010

    See kiletamisaparaat on ikka väga lahe! Selline võiks endalgi kodus olla! Hetkel peab inim”masina” abiga hakkama saama:)

  2. maaritliis
    February 9, 2010

    väga lahedad ja ilusad kaardid :)

  3. sirtsukas
    February 6, 2010

    No mulle tuleb ikka puust ja punaseks teha(nagu blogi nupp)!! :D:D
    Ahnii, et kiletab kohe ära, see teeb need kaardid palju vastupidavamaks, väga lahe!

  4. mermaid
    February 6, 2010

    Hehe.. sa ykskord mainisid, et varti teen käsitööblogi ka. Siis ma mõtlesingi, et mul poolenisti nagu on juba :D et ju sa siis siia pole jõudnud.
    Aga masinast ma tekstis ei kirjutanud. See on lamineerimismasin. Ehk siis me kiletame paljud kaardid ära.

  5. sirtsukas
    February 6, 2010

    Huvitav, kuidas ma siia blogisse jõudnud pole?
    Puhta käsitööblogi juuuu!! Mis aparaat see on mille juures Annabel seisab. Sa kindlasti oled oma jutus seda juba rääkinud, aga nojah…teatud barjäärid on ees, et ma sellest aru saaks! :D

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