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Dollshouse update

We  now have four floors.  On the ground floor there is the  bathroom. It is still not finished yet. We need to make a sink and a cupboard and also a little rug. I am not happy with the bath tub either. I covered the bathtube, toilet and umbrella stand with tissue paper but it did not turn out the way I wanted. I should have glued white tissue paper under the patterned tissue paper.  So we need to wait until we finish another box of butter… (We don`t really eat butter so it takes a bit of time :D). Until then we will have to play with the set we have got now.  And of course we need to finish the shower as well and add some taps.

On the first floor we have the bedroom and the  living room. These little finger puppets are perfect for our dollshouse. As you can see I have actually made three chairs.. the middle one was the first one but it did not turn out well and I made another one. But it is still good for playing with :)

On the second floor we have the kitchen. I organised it in the Estonian way :) We always have the dining table in front of the window.. not the sink.  The little stools are made out of wine bottle corks and milk bottle lids. All the pots and pans are lids from different bottles.

On the second floor we have another bedroom. The chest of drawers is made out of  a little cereal box. And the bed is a cream cheese box. I planned to use foil to make mirrors but then I thought that little real mirrors would be nicer. We need to make a nice rug still.

We have a new memberof our family- a little doggie. His cosy place is under the stairs. But we still need to make a nice mat for him.

I think the “stairs” idea is perfect. Easy to make and looks nice. I found this idea from the net but unfortunately I can`t remember where.

It is such a joy to see Annabel playing with the dollshouse. This morning, and last night too, the prince and princess left their castle and went to visit the dollshouse people :)  One thing I do know though –  it is very dangerous when my husband plays with Annabel and her dollshouse – he keeps on finding more things that I have not yet thought of.  He said we should have a coat rack and Annabel has just decided that we need a laundry basket in the bathroom, so no sleep for me for a while.

5 comments on “Dollshouse update

  1. mermaid
    February 27, 2010

    Ma mängingi ise ka :D Kui tüdrukut kodus pole, siis sätin asju ja kui ta kodus on, siis mängime koos.

  2. Lintsik
    February 25, 2010

    Mulle niiiii meeldib teie nukumaja! Sellega mängiks ise ka ausalt!

  3. elisabeth65
    February 1, 2010

    Beautiful doll’s house, Linda!

  4. Katrin
    February 1, 2010

    Oh, kui lahe nukumaja majandus! Sa oled ikka tõesti andekas! Nii ägedad asjad!

  5. Mormelar
    January 31, 2010

    Annabel is so incredible lucky to have a talented mother like you!

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