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New Wardrobe- Uus riidekapp

Our dollies, Rose and Mary,  are getting a new bedroom. We have finished with the wallpaper but we still need to make carpets and beds.. a dressing table.. At least the wardrobe is finished. And we made a nice floor vase as well.  We glued some wool around a little plastic bottle and Annabel made some flowers to put in it.

But the wardrobe.. It is made from a box of tea. The pole is made from a straw. I love these drinking straws. You can make so many things out of them! And another brilliant material is pipe cleaners. This time I used pipe cleaners to make a hook for the wardrobe door  and hangers for the clothes.  Push pins are useful for knobs. As another end of the push pin is very sharp, I glued a pink pearl on it.

We are still working on the bathroom. We just can`t decide whose bathtub to use.. my small one or Annabel`s big one.. it is as big as a pool! And neither of us is going to give in…

One comment on “New Wardrobe- Uus riidekapp

  1. Pandora
    January 17, 2010

    I think you have made a lovely wardrobe and the vase is very cute.

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