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Our Green Train- Roheline rong

We usually have a story first, followed by the craft idea. But this time we had a craft idea  first and then we found a story to go with it.

We saw this train many moons ago (on  Mister Maker`s show of course), but we didn`t have a chance to make it ourselves. The problem was the  crisps tube. I don`t buy crisps so we didn`t have any tubes at home. And then we had some visitors over who brought crisps with them and voila- we got the tube :D

Anyway- this is what you need:

* a box of tea (or other little box)

* a crisps tube! with a   lid

* two toothpaste boxes

* six lids for the wheels (we used milk bottle lids)

* PVA glue, paint

* a little lid for the whistle and a wine cork for the chimney

This is what you need to do:

* Paint the crisps tube and box of tea white. Let dry.

* Glue everything together as shown above (the whistle and chimney as well). Leave them to dry.

* Paint the toothpaste box black and the rest of the train green (or whatever colour you like)

*When everything is dry,  add some detail with black felt tip pen.

We glued some strips of the scrapbooking paper as the train seemed  too dark :D We love colours!


And it is not just a train! There are two secret places where you can keep all those very important things. We keep rulers there and little vehicles.

After finishing the train we started to look for a story about trains. And we found a lovely little book : “Brave Little Train”.

As we opened the book we saw this picture…

Just like our green train! Big and old. As the paint got cracked a bit after drying, our train really looks old.

Anyway, the story is about the Brave Little (red) Train who had to take a bunch of people to the seaside as the Seaside Express (green one) simply did not start. So off they went.. up the hills and down the hills, through the tunnel, over the bridge.. and finally they all reached the seaside sound and safe!


2 comments on “Our Green Train- Roheline rong

  1. august
    January 14, 2010

    wow! Meisterdate ikka väga palju ja saaksite juba enda raamatu välja anda :D väga ilus train tuli teil välja!

  2. elisabeth65
    January 14, 2010

    Lovely train, Linda. You would make a fantastic nursery teacher! Any school would love to have you.

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