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Our Dollshouse- Nukumaja

Annabel loves dollshouses. We even thought that maybe Father Christmas would bring her one.. but then we decided that Lego is a better present because we can easily make a dollshouse ourselves. Seeing how excited Annabel is making things for the dollhouse and playing with it made me realize that it was a very good decision. Well, I must say that I am as interested as she is.

My aim  is to keep the dollshouse as cheap as possible using only things we have got at home already.. old toys and recycled materials. The only thing I have bought so far is this supercute tea set.. from the £shop. And also I need to keep it as simple as possible so the little hands of a 4 year old can play with it and easily replaceable should she lose or break anything.

As we don`t have any spare shelves we decided to use just cardboard boxes. There is one good thing about these boxes.. if you are bored of playing with the dollshouse you can just pack it away :) And you can also arrange the rooms however you want or move it around the house. The kitchen is upstairs at the moment.. but we can easily move it…

So we have only two rooms so far. Kitchen and living- dining- bedroom :D The kitchen was supposed to be a nursery (that`s why it is so pinkish) but then Annabel decided that she wanted it to be a kitchen. Well.. there is nothing I can do :) I found a little piece of  flooring  left over from redoing our own kitchen. So the doll`s kitchen has got the same flooring now. The curtain rails are made from drinking straws and attached to the wall with pipe cleaners. And the view from the window!! These dolls are so lucky to live at the seaside. (This photo is actually taken in my hometown in Estonia- Pärnu- and there is a little Annabel in the picture).  All furniture is made from juice cartons (including the bed and sofa). These cartons  are nice and strong. On the kitchen floor there is a lovely flower arrangement and a story book- made by Annabel.

I put a little pit of glue on the edges of the coffee table cover.. now it won`t come off. The rug in the front is made by me. But I did not make it yesterday.. nor even this week.. nor even last year.. I made it a hundred years ago.. when I was 10!!!! The rug at the back is made by my son when he was 10.

The floor lamp is made from a straw and a milk bottle lid. Those little lids are very good for all types of stands.

The little tv is made by me..  but the cartoon inside by Annabel. But she wanted her own tv as well and used a Philips bulb box to make it. I will need to ask her to cover it with some nice paper.

That`s it. So far. Next we will work on the bathroom and we really should make a separate bedroom.

We urgently need lots and lots of matchboxes by the way.


Anyway… Fisfy has had a party already.. with face painting and everything! Lots of guests arrived for the party and they are still sitting around the house a week later :D

At this rate we will need a guesthouse soon!


8 comments on “Our Dollshouse- Nukumaja

  1. johanna
    May 11, 2013

    Is there any other estonian/latvian dollhouse blogs or sites? Kisses from Finnland!

  2. Paul Potts
    April 7, 2010

    Thats a great dolls house

  3. mermaid
    February 3, 2010

    Jah, ega meilgi tellitakse asju järjest juurde. Mõni asi on ikka paras väljakutse :)

  4. Sirje (Gem)
    February 2, 2010

    Nii armas nukumaja! Teeb südame soojaks, kuna mul endalgi kunagi kauges lapsepõlves oli säärane – pooleldi emaga ehitatud. Nüüd aga kisub sinna poole, et piiga istub kõrval mängib valminud asjadega ja vaatab kuidas emme meisterdab. Või siis teeb nimekirja, et seda on vaja ja siis seda :D

  5. Pandora
    January 15, 2010

    Hi Mermaid. Thank you. I have loads more to put on – I hadn’t realised how much small stuff I had collected until I started the blog!

    I love the bright colours and the sheer imagination you and your daughter have used to create your wonderful homemade dolls house.

    Will visit again to see your next creation. x

  6. mermaid
    January 15, 2010

    Thanks :)
    Checked out your site as well.. you have got lots of lovely stuff there :)

  7. Pandora
    January 14, 2010

    I love your dolls house – it is so joyful. We used to make rooms out of shoe boxes – great fun!

  8. katikas
    January 7, 2010

    Nii armas ja kodune! Mulle väga meeldib!

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