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Our Christmas Tree

This year we decorated our Christmas Tree with handmade decorations only. We had lots of fun with making them and every time I look at the tree I remember the lovely time I spent with my daughter.

The tree top is actually from last year. We made this decoration in the  Children`s Centre by decorating a large round shape of red paper with glitter, stickers, tissue paper and little pieces of coloured paper. This year I only glued a peg onto the decoration.. so it was easy to put it on top of the tree.

Instead of having baubles we used old light bulbs, painted them and added some stickers to them. To cover the metal top part we glued a little piece of old streamer.

Lolly Sticks snowflakes look very bright on the tree as Annabel used lots of coloured buttons.

The little cushion is a present  from our neighbours in Scarborough (where we used to live). It`s handmade and it smells of gingerbread.

The pearl angel is a present from a friend in Estonia.

And of course the paper chains- Christmas classics! Last time I made them was when I was a kid.. so it was so lovely to do them again.. with my kid this time.

The birds (bullfinch and  blue- tit) are another Christmas classic. In Estonia we used to make them every year!

Annabel helped me to choose the colours and cut the wool to make these beautiful woollen snowflakes.

And finally Annabel`s very own decoration.


2 comments on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. elisabeth65
    December 18, 2009

    What lovely decorations. You are very clever Linda.

  2. katikas
    December 17, 2009

    Väga ilus on! Hästi kirju, aga teadmine, et kõik seal peal on ise tehtud, muudab kireva kuuse hoopis armsaks. :)

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