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Beans on Toast

Beans on Toast is very popular over here in the UK. . We have it quite often.. a nice and easy dish.

Not the following one thou..

This one  is Mister Maker`s recipe. They look tasty but I´m not sure how they really taste :D

We have seen Mr Maker doing lots of food but they always sounded too tricky to make ourselves. However this time, Annabel was so keen to have a go, so I gave her a hand.

The toast is made from a sponge.. I tried to paint it “toastlike” :D The beans are scrunched up tissue paper and for the tomato sauce I used a mixture of paint and pva glue.

Beans on Toast on teatavasti brittide lemmiktoit ja väga populaarne.

Tänane idee oli puhtalt tütre initsiatiiv. Mister Maker näitas jälle oma toidutegemise kunsti ja tüdruk tahtis ka hirmsasti “ube röstsaial” teha. Mulle need Makeri toidud nii meeldivad, tal tulevad need väga hästi välja.. ise pole ma viitsinud veel teha.

Täna siis esimene proov. Asi on meil veel märg.. hommikuks peaks kuiv olema. Aga me vist peame rohkem “ube” lisama.

Röstsai  on svammist, oad siidipaberist, kaste pva liim pluss värv.


I`m linking this delicious dish up to:

One comment on “Beans on Toast

  1. katikas
    December 9, 2009

    Minu petsite küll alguses kohe ära! :D
    Nii isuäratav on pildil :)

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